Upgrading Your iPhone? ListenBook Makes Audiobook Migration a Breeze

The ListenBook app offers a simple solution for users who want to transfer their audiobooks, settings, and purchased options when switching to a new iPhone. Although Apple’s restrictions on automatic data copying to iCloud may seem inconvenient, it ensures security and efficient use of device resources. ListenBook allows users to enable backup to iTunes/iCloud in the app settings before initiating the data transfer process, ensuring a seamless transition. Additionally, users can restore previously purchased pro-options without a full data transfer by using the “Restore” button in the app’s purchase window. With ListenBook’s flexible settings, users can easily manage their audiobooks and settings when upgrading to a new iPhone, making the process hassle-free and enjoyable.


Sleep Timer: Your Ultimate Bedtime Audiobook Companion!

ListenBook’s sleep timer feature revolutionizes your bedtime audiobook experience by offering customizable settings, gradual volume reduction, easy timer reset, and an “always on” mode for ultimate convenience. This innovative tool ensures a seamless and comfortable transition into a peaceful slumber while enjoying your favorite audiobooks.